How to buy Amazon Kindle in Singapore

28 Aug 2011, Amazon has just released new kind of kindle, kindle touch, and Kindle Fire tablet. You can buy these new kindles in Singapore by the same way as kindle 3 described below.

Introducing Kindle Fire

For some reasons, Amazon doesn't ship kindle to Singapore. However, I've bought a kindle from amazon with some trick ;D. To buy a kindle and ebooks in Singapore you need to pay with Amazon gift card.  Your kindle should be shipped to US address first and then forwarded to Singapore. In this article I help you on how to buy a kindle and ebooks in Singapore.

Topics include:

  • Kindle, Kindle Touch VS Kindle Fire in Singapore (new!)
  • Step-by-step guide to buy a kindle in Singapore
  • Which kindle should you buy- wifi / 3g / kindle with special offer
  • Total price to buy a kindle in Singapore
  • Charging kindle in Singapore
  • Recommended kindle accessories

Kindle, Kindle Touch VS Kindle Fire in Singapore

Kindle and kindle touch are e-readers which have e-ink display. While the Kindle Fire is a multipurpose tablet for apps, games, internet and videos and music. Of course, the Kindle Fire can read kindle e-books and magazines in full color.

Step-by-step guide to buy a kindle in Singapore

1. Go to and create amazon account here.

  • Look for sign in link at the top of the screen. Click New customer? "Start here".
  • If you are already a member you can sign in at this step.

2. Go to and sign up. Borderlinx is a third party mail forwarder. Once you sign up at Borderlinx, you will get a US address where your Kindle will be ship first. Borderlinx will then ship your Kindle to Singapore.

3. Calculate your cost. You need to buy the kindle, kindle ebooks and its accessories (such as cover, clip-on light) with Amazon gift card. So browse the kindle store first. And calculate how much you have to spend.

4. Buy amazon gift card(email-delivered) here. Enter amount that you plan to spend. You can pay for Amazon gift card using your credit card issued in Singapore.

5. Go to kindle product page. Make sure you go to the Kindle page for US, not for international shipping.

  • New kindle (for purchase from Singapore) - click here
  • Kindle Touch WiFi (for purchase from Singapore) - click here
  • Kindle Touch 3G (for purchase from Singapore) - click here
  • Kindle Fire (for purchase from Singapore) - click here

6. Select "Add to cart" and add your kindle accessories as you need. If you're done, proceed to check out.

7. During check out, you'll be asked to enter payment method and shipping address. Choose "Pay by gift card" and enter your Borderlinx US address in the billing and shipping address.

8. After your make a purchase, just wait for your kindle to arrive at Borderlinx and they will send you a confirmation email.

9. Relax and wait for your kindle to arrive in Singapore.

Which kindle should I buy in Singapore, wifi or 3g?

Kindle wifi and wifi+3g both works well in Singapore.

Actually, in Singapore, you don't need kindle 3g because you can use your smartphone to create a wifi hotspot. But if you love convenience or frequently travel aboard, kindle 3g would be a better choice because Amazon provides free 3g service in over 100 countries, including Singapore.

Amazon's 3g coverage map in Singapore

Global 3g coverage map is here.

What is kindle with special offers?

Kindle with special offer is same as regular kindle but it comes with advertisements. Ads will be only displayed as a screensaver and on the bottom of home screen. So, your reading experience won't be interrupted. Currently, it is available for US only. Luckily, we have to ship our kindle to US address first, and kindle with special offer works normally outside the US. So it's the cheaper option you can buy.

How much does it cost to buy a Kindle in Singapore?

Shipping kindle to singapore by Borderlinx usually costs around 20-30 SGD. Price may vary depend on your accessories.

Table below are prices for kindle touch (kindle keyboard). For new Kindle without touchscreen and Kindle Fire add 20-30 SGD to Amazon's price.

Kindle touch model Item cost (SGD) Shipping cost (SGD) Total (SGD)
Kindle Touch WiFi with special offers 123 20-30 143-153
Kindle Touch WiFi 172 20-30 192-202
Kindle Touch 3G with special offers 185 20-30 205-215
Kindle Touch 3G 235 20-30 255-265

Prices are in SGD. Exchange rate 1 USD = 1.24 SGD

Charging kindle in Singapore

Kindle you purchased will come with USB cable for charging your kindle from a computer USB port. If you want to charge your kindle on the wall, you should buy type G (UK type) power adapter for Kindle.

Type G (UK type) power adapter fits Kindle 3 (kindle keyboard), new Kindle and Kindle touch.

Kindle Fire comes with US power adapter which you can use with universal plug adapter to charge the tablet in Singapore. Kindle Fire also supports charging from computer via USB.

Shipping duration and tracking

It usually takes about 3-5 business days to ship kindle from amazon to an US address. You can track shipment by logging in to your amazon account.  After that, Borderlinx will ship your kindle to Singapore in about 5-8 days. This process can also be tracked by viewing "Delivery status" in your Borderlink account.

Recommended kindle cover (for new kindle and kindle touch)

I recommend kindle zip sleeve specially designed for kindle. It's made from soft fabric and give good protection for your kindle from dust, scratches and impact. I bought one from amazon and it works great. It's available in 5 colors.

Amazon sometimes discount this best-selling cover if you purchase it with your kindle. Click here to check special offer. Notice accessories price below the "Add to cart button on the right".

I've used a kindle in Singapore for a while and it's very addictive. Many books are priced very cheap in kindle edition. I hope this is article is helpful for kindle cravers in Singapore. If you wish to contribute, just leave me a comment.

My favorite kindle ads

I fall in love with amazon kindle with their ads. The one below is my favorite Kindle ads. You'll love kindle.

If you have any suggestion or question, please leave me a comment. Hope we will built a great kindle user community in Singapore together.

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