How to buy kindle books in Singapore

Last updated 27 April 2012

Important notice. Don't buy ebooks using 3g, wifi, or the kindle app. You have to buy them using web browser on a computer.

In this step, you need a VPN client to make your computer virtually situate in the US. I recommend Hotspot Shield (free with advertisement) or Always VPN (paid).

Here's a guide to buy kindle ebooks in Singapore.

1. Close your web browser (IE, firefox, chrome), open VPN client and reopen the browser. (Now you're surfing internet from USA!)
2. Go to manage your kindle page here. Set your location to USA (Country Setting on the left). Use any USA address, your Borderlinx address is ok.
3. Purchase a gift card with your local credit card and have it send to your email. Apply the gift card to your account.

4. Delete credit card data associated with your account

5. If you already have step 1-4 done, now you can buy ebooks from kindle store using your gift card balance.

In this step, you may close your VPN client. (You've already presented yourself in the US during managing your kindle account.). However, if amazon ask you to verify your address, do nothing and use VPN during the next purchase.

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  • Yoshi says:

    Many thanks, Toby. Your guide is very practical. I've just bought my first kindle book.

  • Ritwika says:

    What about free e books ? can they be downloaded in Singapore?

  • Vincenta says:

    I use always VPN to buy kindle book from amazon and it works perfectly. Free hotspot shield sometimes get stuck??

  • Lin86 says:

    Nice blog post. bookmarked

  • Toby B. says:

    @Ritwika, free books should be downloaded the same way as paid books (as instructed in this page).

  • Narisa O. says:

    I think kindle has content restriction for each country. If I buy one in Singapore, which kindle contents can I access?

  • Toby B. says:

    You'll access US contents.

  • Yuan says:

    This was a very helpful article, thanks!

  • Norman says:

    Hi, bought a kindle fire and manage to download books with gift cards. But need advise to download games and apps.Unable to download using gift cards.

  • xin says:

    Hi there,

    Is always VPN a website which we buy our kindle ebooks?
    Can we use vpost to ship?

  • Toby B. says:

    You have to register with Always VPN and download VPN client in order to buy ebook from
    Vpost is OK.

  • Toby B. says:

    In order to purchase app in Singapore. You have two options.
    First, you must have a U.S. credit card OR
    Second, root the kindle fire and install Android app store.

    A tutorial to root kindle fire is available here.
    However, it's a complicated process. If you're uncomfortable to do it yourself, go to IT shop and let them do for you.

  • Emperor says:

    I've followed your instructions to bought a Kindle Fire and just received it few days ago. However, I was not allowed to watch the 1 month free videos because I'm not in the US. Pls help. thks

  • Toby B. says:

    Digital contents are not available outside the U.S. Kindle Fire and some integrated services are designed to work in U.S. For other countries, it's just an android tablet and has same functions like others (However, I think it's a great tablet at 199 bucks).


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